Happy Holidays


I got up this morning and put on my Jacket, and hat and gloves then decided to got for a skate on the rink. Its a good place to clear your head. I put my headphones in and listened to some good christmas music. It was just me the ice and my tunes.

It got me thinking about all am greatful for. A roof over my head, Food to eat, Heat, Someone who loves me, My closest friends who love me, my family which is the best part.  Of course we all have our ups and downs. But thru it all we are still and always family. If we didn’t drive each other crazy sometimes we wouldn’t be family. I know that some of us wish we were closer to some of us. But we are together in SL even if we aren’t close in the outside world.

So I have planned some christmas based shirts to go with the winter ones I had come out. I will be posting pictures soon.  They will be 20L in game once they are up.  The christmas hunt is still going on so come on down for a free stuff in that… and of course My lucky santa chair and christmas tree. Oh and am having a 50% off the KittyCats in the store also.  So come on down!

So to cover everyone in this… Happy Holidays from me.